Dan and Annalise are a husband and wife team of wedding and portrait photographers. Raised in Europe, now based in Minneapolis, they believe that photography is one of the most important aspects from a wedding.

A photographer since 2001, Dan has been shooting weddings since 2006. Annalise joined him three years ago. Zach and Jenna currently live in Grafton, Wisconsin, but decided to have their wedding at the nearby town of Madison. Their wedding caught our eyes here at Essential Edit.

After getting ready with her family and closest friends, the couple had their first look at the Capitol Square. The beautiful architecture added up to this special moment Zach and Jenna had. Dan and Anna took advantage of the location, and got a few pre wedding portraits of the couple and bridal party.

After the ceremony, at St Paul's University Catholic Church, the couple and bridal party headed to the Camp Randall Stadium for some fun photos. Bride and groom threw the ball (or the bouquet) around in the field, and had some great portraits made at the stands. Dan and Anna finished the session with a casual walk in downtown Madison with the couple. After all that, everyone was ready to party.

Here is a quick interview with Annalise Oksnevad, one of the artists behind the camera at this wedding.

  • What’s your favorite part about being a wedding photographer?

We love the unique nature of each wedding. You can photograph two weddings at the same venue, the same time of year, and the will still be uniquely to the couple. The images are as well and we love that!

  • How did you learn photography? Did you study, or are you self-taught?

We both studied photography in high school and from there expanded our knowledge in college on our own.

  • What made you decide to shoot weddings?

In college Dan photographed a lot of campus events. After a while, some older engaged students began approaching Dan asking if he had even photographed weddings. We loved it from the very first one!

  • How would you describe your style of photography, when it comes to weddings?

We have a contemporary style of wedding photography. While we do traditional poses for things like family and some wedding party portraits, we spend the rest of the day photographing in a more journalistic style.

  • Here at The Color Company, we love working on your photos! Tell us a little about your editing style, and what you look for on post production.

We always request warm edits. We love the feel it gives to the images - bright, joyful, and emotion-filled.

  • From all the locations you have been to shoot a wedding or engagement session, what was your favorite one?

We once photographed a wedding on the cliffs of Mendocino, CA - it was breathtakingly beautiful!

  • Aside from pleasing the couple that hired you, what are your goals when shooting a wedding?

We love to capture the emotion of the day. Oftentimes that means close ups of hugs, laughs, tears, etc.

  • Can you tell us a bit more about the gear you use at weddings? What lens do you have connected to your camera the most?

We use Canon 5D mark IIIs and prime lenses. We love the 50mm 1.2

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