Same great service, same great people. Just a new name.

Why the name change?

When we started with the name "Essential Edit" it was for a very specific purpose: to convey the idea that we do the essentials of editing. We wanted to focus on providing the cleanest, most natural looking edits possible. And we did!

But there was always something bugging me deep inside, from the beginning.

The name felt bland, boring... NOT FUN.

We also started expanding our services and future plans for services and offerings.

(And if I'm really honest with you... Our list of competitors pretty much ALL have the word "EDIT" in their names as well. We wanted to separate ourselves from the pack just a little.)

These topics were constantly calling for my attention as a business owner. I tried to ignore them, but enough time had passed and the sentiment was still strong.

Our focus will always be to provide clean and pristine Lightroom editing services with a smile.

Changing our name to The Color Company doesn't change our internal philosophy of service or our high standards for image quality. It just a more fun and descriptive way of telling what we do: we manipulate color.

We like to think of ourselves in a similar way that you might imagine a workshop full of craftsmen: focused, determined and committed to taking great pride in their work. We will always work hard for you, bringing your images to their best potential.

Thank you for the chance to serve you. Welcome to The Color Company.