Well hello there, photographer.

We are The Color Company, an editing & design service for photographers. We focus on clean and natural editing so you can focus on the essentials of your business.

Our Services

Clean and natural Lightroom editing for professional photographers.

Culling $0.09/image

Give us a target range and we will keep the sharpest, most emotionally charged images that tell the story and showcase your work well! Easy upload with a Lightroom CC Catalog + Smart Previews!

Lightroom Edits $0.30/image

Global edits for a clean & natural baseline image for proofing. Most everything on the Basic panel in Lightroom is where we start but cropping, HSL adjustments and horizon straightening are fair game as well!

Retouching $6, $12, $24

From simple pimples to extensive masking, clipping, composites, face swaps... you name it! 

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Our Work


Happy clients from all over say things like...

Ginny Haupert

Quick and easy!

Ginny Haupert
Ginny Haupert Photography
Emily Merrill

Amazing customer service and fabulous work!

Emily Merrill
Emily Merrill Wedding Photography
Brian Mount

Love the interactions and customer service.

Brian Mount
Brian Mount Portrait

You guys are the best!

Emily Takes Photos
Ira Casel

Quality work, timely, caring service.

Ira Casel
Ira Casel Photography
Emily Merrill

Amazing customer service and fabulous work!

Emily Merrill
Emily Merrill Wedding Photography
Cheri Anderson

Great service and excellent response time!

Cheri Anderson
Holly Birch

Love you guys!

Holly Birch
Holly Birch Photography
Stephanie Baker

Super fast, great service, and lovely edits :-)

Stephanie Baker
Stephanie Baker Photography
Mindy Lundy Photography

The Color Company keeps me doing what I love to do, out photography people and keeps me on track behind the scenes. They allow me to book more sessions, since they carry the workload on editing.

Mindy Lundy Photography
Mindy Lundy Photography
Alexandra Dugan

Thank you so much for sparing my eyes and giving me some of my life back. Edits look amazing--and I couldn't be happier. THANK YOU!!!!

Alexandra Dugan
Alexandra Dugan Photo
Sarah Parent

Quick turnaround and quality work!! The Color Company makes my life so much easier!!

Sarah Parent
Sarah Parent Photography
Lauren Natalie

The Color Company has done a great job with the jobs I have handed them. They have great customer service and have listened to my feedback and implemented my request into future orders. It has been a pleasure working with them and I hope it continues.

Lauren Natalie
Lauren Natalie Photography
Portraits To The People

SO nice to work with, professional, timely and high quality work. I am very impressed!

Portraits To The People
Portraits To The People
Anne Watson

TOTAL LIFE-CHANGER. I used to spend hours in front of my computer instead of being on shoots (making money!) or spending time with my family. Finding The Color Company has completely changed how I handle my workflow - such a relief! Love it.

Anne Watson
Anne Watson Photography
Christa Meola

I always send my students and my retouching work to The Color Company. Leon is the best! So dedicated to exceptional quality and doing everything possible to make sure the client is happy. Highly recommend!

Christa Meola
Christa Meola Pictures
Caitlin Guidry

The Color Company is amazing! They put so much care into editing the pictures to match my style and have gone above and beyond my expectations. Thank you for all the help during busy seasons!

Caitlin Guidry
Caitlin Guidry Photography
Janica Boles

Unbelievable speed. Consistently gorgeous edits. The Color Company is my secret weapon!

Janica Boles
JBO Photo
Erik Holladay

Leon did another amazing job. Giving me a nice consistent baseline to add my signature style too. He makes my life easier!

Erik Holladay
Holladay Photography
Leyna Butcher

I love the consistency in the work I get back. It has made my life so much easier to be able to submit my heavy lifting and know I can count on getting it back in a timely manner.

Leyna Butcher
Photos by Leyna
Dolly Rossi

Great service, fast response and just very personal and professional! Leon helped me step by step to answer all my questions and never made me feel like I was asking too much or being a pain. I really felt like he cared to make the edits the way I want!

Dolly Rossi
Doll Face Photography

Happy clients from all over say things like...

“DUDE!!!!  You’re so on top of it!!!!!!  You win the award for best customer service. EVER!”

Wesleyann via Florida

“Leon’s so amazing and easy to deal with! Very competitive prices and a great service!”

Rebecca via Australia

“Y’all ROCK! Kind, prompt customer service…quick, quality work. Thank you!”

Betsy via Oregon

“Great product and fantastic customer service!”

Emily via San Francisco


Casey via California

“You’re awesome and you help me get back to what I love – shooting!”

Melissa via Mexico

“Great service, efficient, & reliable.”

Jody via Las Vegas

“Thank you for saving me some time! Edits look great! Referred you to another wedding photographer I know.”

Michelle via USA

Try before you buy.

We are an editing & design service for photographers. We focus on clean and natural editing so you can focus on the essentials of your business.

Step One

Let’s talk about your workflow! What are your goals and methods? What is your vision? How can we best help? We look to understand the big picture and how we can serve you best!

Step Two

Send us a dozen images and we’ll process them to show you what we can do! You may love what we did right away, but you may also want us to make some changes. Any feedback is saved for all future orders.

Step Three

Once we get the green light and you’re happy with our samples, we are there to serve you! No monthly subscriptions or package pricing that you regret later.

That's it

Yolo yo.


Hey friend!

Truth is… my thing is helping photographers. Since 2004 I’ve been building teams of talented editors to help photographers do more of what they love.

You can often find me at the gym, at the beach or training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Let’s chat about YOUR STORY and how we can best help!

—Leon Sandoval
Photographer Therapist

Got Questions?

We have answers! If you don't see your question here check out our blog or contact us and start a conversation!

How do I get started with color-correcting services?

2 ways:

  1. Send in your first order. We will pull 20 images and post them for your review. Once we get your approval, we will complete your order. 
  2. Send in 10 images. We will process them and post them for your review. 

In either case, we always recommend filling out a client profile questionnaire to let us know more about your editing style and goals.

How much do editing services cost?

Culling: $0.09 per image submitted

Color Correction: $0.30 per Raw image


Level 1: $6.00

Level 2: $12.00

Level 3: $24.00

Album Design: $4 per page ($8 per spread)

What is the turnaround time?

3-5 business days. Please note we are closed on the weekends.

How do I send an order?

How do I prepare my files?

  • For Color Correction and/or Culling: Create a new Lightroom Catalog for an order you would like to send us. Be sure to create Smart Previews and then zip the Catalog and Smart Previews file together. 
  • For retouching: Send us the color corrected, full-resolution JPEGs. If you would like color correction as well, then send us the Raw files.

Do I need to change my workflow?

We do our best to accommodate your workflow. Just ask us your question and we will do our best to find a solution!

What is included in your color correction service?

Essentially, anything on the “Basic” panel in Lightroom: White Balance, Exposure, Contrast, Shadows, Highlights, Whites and Blacks. On high ISO images, we will apply Noise Reduction. Horizon straightening is available for no extra charge but because this is a personal preference, please note on your order form if you would like this service.

How could someone possibly cull an event if they weren’t there?

Quite easily, actually! Most of our editors edit more weddings in one week than most photographers shoot in an entire year. Not to mention, most have been -or are currently photographers.

We will always give preference to telling the complete story of the event. Along with that we are looking for technically sound images that are sharp and well exposed.

What if I don’t like my order?

The most important thing is to resist the urge to redo the job yourself! Remember, satisfaction is always guaranteed and we only send your invoice once we have delivered your images. Pay once you are happy.

Just shoot us an email with a request to redo the work. Include screenshots if necessary and describe what you see. “This section is too warm, too dark, too bright, too cool, etc…”

We will put your order in the front of the line and do our best to get your files returned in 24hrs.

How does retouching work?

Our three levels of retouching are as follows. If you aren’t sure, just send us an email and ask for a quote. 

Level 1: $6.00

  • Removal of facial glare 
  • Stray hairs
  • Skin blemishes
  • Whitening of teeth and eyes
  • Basic shape clipping path

Level 2: $12.00

  • Braces removal
  • Glass glare removal
  • Head swap
  • Open / close eyes
  • Extend solid background 
  • Solid background replacement
  • Intricate shape clipping path
  • Moderate hot spots

Level 3: $24.00

  • Change color of item
  • Background replacement
  • Add / remove people
  • Remove buildings, cars, etc.
  • Lens flare
  • Extreme hot spots
  • Take off 10 years, 20 lbs, etc.

How do you learn my style?

Communication is the key! If at any time you feel your preferences changing, just let us know. We can help you develop a new style at any time. This can be done through doing samples, having you fill out our questionnaire and having your provide sample images as well.

Do I get the same editor all the time?

Typically, yes. We do our best to match you with an editor, but we really prefer to have at least 2 editors who are familiar with your style, if you require a custom profile. This way if your editor is sick, on vacation or just has a lot of orders to edit, your turnaround time doesn’t suffer.

Is there a minimum order?

Yes, $30 is our minimum.


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