Sending an order to Essential Edit: The Finer Details

Just like you, we are constantly refining our internal workflow!The goal?To become more efficient and accurate.We have identified one little thing YOU CAN DO to help us out:FILE NAMES!(Exciting, right?)If you're reading this, you're looking to send an order to Essential Edit and hopefully, you've already read our tutorial on how to set up your Lightroom Catalog and Smart Previews!Here's our request- when submitting orders, please do three easy things:

  1. Create a new folder for your files.
  2. Name your folder with a specific format.
  3. Zip your folder.

Model Citizen Emily

Take, for example, Emily Gutman- a model citizen who always sends her orders this way and never has missing, incomplete or corrupted files when she sends her orders.Emily follows our guidelines:

Sending an order to Essential Edit


  • The first letter of your first name
  • Last name
  • Underscore
  • Order reference name

When it comes to references names, we suggest making it the name or names of your client, or date of the event.The goal is that it's something *unique* that we can refer to. Keep them short and always make sure it matches the reference name you entered on your order form.Managing tens of thousands of files each day is a big task and these tiny details really help us more than you can imagine!Thanks so much- do be in touch if you have any questions!-LeonOther related articles on sending an order to Essential Edit: