Here's a recent review that we just had to share!

We've had some pretty amazing shout outs on social media, by email and on our own internal review system but it's rare that we get to share such a thorough look at a new client's experience. Jennifer Winder is a client and her excitement about our services was so fun to see! She really did her research to compare us against other post production companies and we ended up as her favorite. Here is Jennifer's honest review of our services.



Jennifer Winder shares her Essential Edit review as a new client.

Jennifer Winder[/caption]

The Color Company has helped me to regain my sanity.

I have been a photographer since 2012 years and as my business has grown, I have struggled to know where to best invest in getting help.

  • Was I ready for an assistant?
  • Do I need to raise my prices?
  • Do I need to outsource my image editing?
  • Who should I hire out my editing to?

I am a bit controlling and want to have my hands on everything. I always LOVED taking photos but when it came time to cull and edit I wanted to poke my eyes out. White Balance was my nemesis.

It all came to a head when I had 8 sessions in 10 days, while running my 4 kids (10 and under) to all of their activities.

I wasn’t Wonder Woman, although I wanted to pretend like I was. I knew something had to give. A fellow photographer recommended The Color Company. I had looked into other post production services. They were either too expensive, had great customer service with poor quality work, or required a year commitment. None of those interested me.

The Color Company seemed to have the best option. I wasn’t bound to a contract and their per image pricing was competitive and reasonable. ($0.30 per image)

Because I am controlling, I wanted to be confident in them before I handed over my files. I called the number on their website, which happened to be Leon’s direct cell number. He was nice and helpful and I could tell he was just the type of person I would feel comfortable with handling my images.

I sent over a few images for them to process for free. I was floored at how perfect they were. I gave them clear but loose instructions. I told them “I like my work clean and bright with good pop of color and contract while still holding on to the integrity of the image.” They are White Balance masters. Their images looked better than mine!

This gave me the peace to move forward with a real order. I sent over 180 images which included images from three different family sessions. I had the images back in 2 days (Although they ask for 3). The images were perfect, just how I like to edit only better.

Better everything.

There were 3 images that I added just a touch of contrast to, but the images were hazy and my vision on those were just slightly different than theirs. All I did was straighten, crop and export. They have saved me so much time and stress.

Post processing stresses me out. It is the most stressful part of the job for me. It takes the most time and effort.

I was so beyond thrilled about how well my images turned out that I immediately shared the info with several of my photographer friends. They are also giving The Color Company a try and so far, so good.

Some companies have only good customer service, some companies only have strong skills, but The Color Company really has both. I don’t write reviews and recommendations very often. However, when I find something or someone I love and feel like truly adds value to my quality of life, I will sing about them from the tops of mountains.

Before this, I was ready to completely throw in the towel just from the number of hours I spent in front of my computer screen editing. I had a horrible Lightroom workflow.

I would start to cull, then find an image and start editing it, get lost in that, then cull some more. Then it was time to edit, I had to deal with all the Lightroom adjustments and deal with the fact that I shoot in auto White Balance. That always makes editing tricky.

Now that I am having The Color Company run my images through Lightroom, my workflow has also improved. I am focused, I choose my images quicker and then just have them make the final adjustments.

Being a mom of 4 is a lot of work. Editing is a lot of work, being a photographer is a lot of work. All of it was too much for me. I really honestly feel like I have gotten my life back and I don’t resent photography. I am more at peace with my clients during sessions, I am more at peace at home with my kids.

I suppose a lot of different companies out there can offer the same peace of mind. I just think that the value, customer service and quality of work that Leon and his team at The Color Company provide is perfect. They are the perfect package and I have truly appreciated their help, kindness, service and quality of work. I highly recommend sending over samples to them and give it a try. They will cater their work to your style. They know what they are doing.  

This is definitely the best investment, outside of a great camera gear, that I have made in my business.

I feel like I can grow because I know I have their support instead of feeling like I have to throw in the towel.

In a nutshell, I feel like I have hired an assistant at the fraction of the cost. I have been able to increase my hourly wage and this has helped with my general cost of doing business. If there is ever a next-best-step to getting better control of the business side of photography, without sacrificing quality and good customer service, I would say that The Color Company is that step.