We absolutely want you to be satisfied with our work, so if something doesn’t look right, please let us know right away!

If this ever happens, rest assured, we've got your back.

Just grab some screenshots, note image number ranges, and a description of how we can best improve. We’ll get back to work and get things dialed in for you- usually within 24 hours.

The very worst thing is to discover we missed the mark and you stayed up through the night to fix it. Please resist the urge!

Here are some guidelines:

  • Is it a section? For example, the reception is too dark/bright, warm/cool? Then definitely send it back!
  • Is it a few images scattered about that need a quick fix? It’s probably gonna take more time to write out a request and wait 24 hrs for the new files. Probably best to just apply the quick fix in the best interest of time!
  • Is it random spattering of images that are totally tweaked beyond normal? Like no human could ever think that looks good? Probably a tech gremlin got in the way, and is an easy fix- definitely send it back!

Also remember, it's best to stick to global observations. Adjusting the contrast from 12 to 15 on "that one image" isn't easy to apply to all images on this and future orders.There's no "Auto-Wunderfix" software we're applying to your images. It's image to image and though we do our very best, but the truth is, we're human too! :)